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Product Development

Developing a software product is fun and creative, but also there are many important practical decisions to be made. We help you with keeping things organized by providing a tested process, where each step is designed to align our goals and get us closer to the end result. A good looking, user friendly and fully functional software application.



First we create the vision. Idea’s are great, that’s where it all starts. We love to play with idea’s, but we will also challenge them. We will provide you with honest feedback and try to finetune and improve your idea where we can so that we align on the same vision for your application.



With the vision in mind, we will provide you with detailed specifications of your product’s features. We will translate this into technical requirements and based on this we will give you a fair estimate of the development cost.


Design and prototypes

After having the specs in place, we get to the good stuff. This is where the magic happens, this is where your idea comes to life! We will provide you with high fidelity designs and even a prototype of your application that you can use to validate your idea with potential customers.


Development sprints

After finishing the designs we start the actual creation of your product. This is the hard work and labour that goes into coding a great application. We usually work in multiple sprints to deliver specific features and go from alpha to beta to a production ready application.


Launch and iterate

After you launch your product we will evaluate the solution and investigate how your users are interacting with it. We will discuss user feedback with you and see how we can iterate on the product to make it even better.


  • Identifying pain points in your processes
  • Identifying repetitive, time consuming or labor intensive tasks
  • API Integrations
  • Automations
  • Document processing / Natural Language Processing
  • Automatic labeling / Classification
  • Custom User Interfaces
  • Chatbots

Business Automation

Nowadays it's quite common for even a small or medium business to use many different software tools in it's day to day operations. Often, employees are doing repetitive tasks such as syncing / linking data between different software. Or worse, data in these applications are kept completely separate, making it hard to get a big picture view on your business. This is where AI & business automation comes in.


We make it our mission to stay up to date with the latest and greatest technologies. Over the years of developing our expertise we have grown quite fond of some of these systems. Please have a look at our toolbox:


Below are some case studies of the projects we've proudly been a part of. Don't hesitate to reach out if you'd like to know more.



Our client iFlag is on a mission to provide employees with an internal reporting channel that ensures that misconduct rises to the surface more easily. It is designed to inspire more confidence in your team, while also mitigating operational risks for your company.


Gloow: organise your thoughts

Nebulae is also developing in-house software products. We want to help people organise their thoughts, ideas and information in a more effective way. That's why we built Gloow. A tool for organising and visualising your information using knowledge graphs.



We are proud to be working in a distributed team with expert developers and designers from around the world to help us build effective IT systems.



We've had the opportunity to work with both SMEs as large enterprises!


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