Belair is an application provided by the Belgian Interregional Environment Agency & Flanders Environment Agency. We were contracted in 2020 to help with improving the original BelAir App by implementing a new User Interface for the mobile application, as well as improving the overall experience. This was done in collaboration with Absoluut Zulu who created the new design for the app.


Continuous Integration

We also implemented automated test, build & deployment pipelines for the BelAir app to guarantee quality and provide a continuous integration framework. To manage the automations we used Jenkins CI and for automated integration tests we used AWS DeviceFarm to test the mobile app experience on physical devices. This ensures that new code changes are tested more quickly and more often, reducing the time it takes to update the mobile application with confidence.


App Features

The mobile app allows the user to select one or more locations that he/she/x frequently visits. The mobile app will then monitor the past, current & future air quality in those locations. It will provide you with a general Air Quality Index (AQI) that gives you a weighted score of the overall air quality, based on real time measurements and future predictions. The AQI is calculated based on values of NO2 (Nitrogen Dioxide), PM10 & PM2.5 (Particulate Matter) and Ozon (03). The values of each of these pollutants can also be viewed independently, and the mobile app also generates a live heatmap of Air Quality in Belgium.

The app will also send you push notifications if the AQI reaches a threshold in your frequented areas.



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