Mobile App

We built a react native mobile app that lets users organize their thoughts and ideas through an interactive an beautifully designed mind map visualization. One of the key differences here with other Mind Mapping applications is that each component of the map becomes a reusable entity. These entities (nodes) can be enriched with all kinds of information (such as documents and online resources) and be connected to many other entities/nodes in the system. 


Web Application

The initial response to the mobile app was great, we got quite a lot of downloads right away and people started using it. We got a lot of questions right away if we could make the app available on a desktop computer because the visualisations would look great on the big screen. So, that's what we did and got to work on building a web app using the same concepts.

From mind mapping to knowledge bases

With this web application we are going to take it a step further, and move from a mind mapping application to complete knowledge base system.


The following team members where a part of this project:


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Griplist started as a great idea from people working in the movie industry. Two professional grips who felt the need for a comprehensive database of gear. Since this market is so niche that this didn’t exist yet. We developed a mobile app and web dashboard for them, they already got some of the industry’s top manufacturers to sign up over 250 products.



Our client iFlag is on a mission to provide employees with an internal reporting channel that ensures that misconduct rises to the surface more easily. It is designed to inspire more confidence in your team, while also mitigating operational risks for your company.