Automate Your Business Processes

Nowadays it's quite common for even a small or medium business to use many different software tools in it's day to day operations. Often, employees are doing repetitive tasks such as syncing / linking data between different software. Or worse, data in these applications are kept completely separate, making it hard to get a big picture view on your business. This is where AI & business automation comes in.

Our Services

Nebulae specialises in helping you find key pain points and/or easy to automate tasks in your business processes. We can then help you in creating smart automations, leveraging the power of AI and API integrations.


  • Identifying pain points in your processes
  • Identifying repetitive, time consuming or labor intensive tasks

Designing Software Solutions

  • API Integrations
  • Automations
  • Document processing / Natural Language Processing
  • Automatic labeling / Classification
  • Custom User Interfaces
  • Chatbots
Business Automation

Advantages for Your Business

Focus on creative tasks

Focus on creative tasks

Let your team focus on creative and meaningful work.

Streamline processes

Streamline processes

Save time and improve efficiency of your business processes.

(Re)act quickly

(Re)act quickly

Respond quickly to events, insights and opportunities.

Make clients happy

Make clients happy

Smooth business operations will be felt and appreciated by your customers.

Leverage power of AI

Leverage power of AI

AI can you give you a competitive advantage in both speed and quality of service.

Use case

Ostron is a rental equipment business targeting the audiovisual industry that is growing rapidly and investing on automation.


The client approached us with the question to automate their business processes, specifically the integration of different pieces of software, namely their Website, CRM & Payment tools. But also to do better of screening of clients (to avoid fraud) and automation of the pickup process

Business Usecase Before
  1. New orders were manually processed / reviewed by Ostron staff.

  2. Staff was manually creating & sending payment links, and in case of new customers, inviting them to verify their identity and sign legal documents (terms & conditions, etc).

  3. Staff members manually follow up on open orders and manually urge clients to complete required steps. (payment, id verification & terms & conditions)

  4. Staff is not happy, pickups are not smooth due to missing requirements.


We used API integrations of the different software used by the client to automate the flow, from order to pickup. We also created an ID verification tool to flag potential fraud and automated the pickup process with digital lockers.

Business Usecase After
  1. When a new order is received / added in the CRM, the system will create a payment link & send this to the client.

  2. In case of a new user it will also request a document signing request and an identity verification (using custom tool), flagging potential frauds.

  3. System will monitor order requirements and in case all steps are completed, it will send a personal code to the client.

  4. Ostron staff will get an overview of daily orders and have less stress with follow ups.

  5. Clients can pickup their equipment on their own time at the automated lockers with their personal code.

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