Estimate Your Project

How much will it cost to develop an app? It's a question we hear a lot. Developing software applications is a complicated process that usually requires a lot of man hours. The exact number of hours is very hard to predict up front, but by creating detailed specifications we can make a good estimate. If you want to receive a rough budget estimate for your app or software development project please share some details here.
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Type of System

We build many different type of systems, going from browser based web applications to native iOS and Android apps or fully fledged platforms. Each system has a different development cost structure. No worries if you don't know yet what you want. We can help you design the perfect setup for your use case.


Design of System

Depending on the use case of your software you'll have different design requirements. An internal utility will need less UI magic compared to a customer facing mobile app.



The possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to developing features for an App. The number and type of features you need will have the highest impact on your development cost. Here are a few common ones.


Elevator Pitch