Bayard Europe is the expert in water softeners for both industrial and private customers. Household water softeners are water softeners that treat the water through an ion exchange process. After a few chemical reactions, because the hard water flows through a resin bed, you eventually get soft water from the device.

Salt is an important factor in this process, hence it is important that it is replenished on time. We developed a handy mobile application for Bayard for both iOS and Android that calculates when the softener will need to be supplemented with salt. The user simply selects the model that he has purchased from Bayard, enters the amount of added salt as well as the number of people for whom the softener serves.

After the calculation, the iOS and Android applications then program a notification for the user and add a new item to his or her agenda when it is time to top up salt again. In this way the users of Bayard water collectors are notified in a timely manner.

The customer can then immediately order salt from our client via the application if necessary, thereby providing an extra sales channel. In addition, we also provided a beautiful design in our client's house style.



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Our Client Said


Joshua and his team have developed a handsome salt alarm app for us at a super-sharp deadline, offering our customers extra comfort and peace of mind. Good work and definitely recommended as App developer.

Francis Montefesta

General Manager


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