In November 2019, three student entrepreneurs enthusiastically came to us with an innovative idea: Connus, a professional online influencer marketing platform that creates more growth opportunities for influencers and entrepreneurs. Connus seemed promising and with a lot of enthusiasm team Nebulae started programming the app.

Our goal was to develop a minimum valuable product in a cost-efficient but qualitative way to support these young entrepreneurs both technically and financially. We at Nebulae respect and support young entrepreneurial enthusiasm. Together we developed an app that consists of an intuitive swipe, a chat function, a clear profile where the different socials of the influencer are linked and where useful information can be consulted. Apart from these features, the app has a lot more to offer, but we'd rather let you discover this for yourself.


In short, a user-friendly app that anticipates the needs of a fast growing market, namely influencer marketing. We are in consultation with the client to expand the platform in the future in order to give both influencers and entrepreneurs new insights and to fully support them in creating growth opportunities.

Web Dashboard

After their launch they soon realised that businesses need more than just a mobile app to access the platform. So we designed and built a brand new web dashboard to support their needs. The Dashboard gives detailed insights into the influencers social media presences, using different social media apis, such as the Instagram business API


Connus launched In the spring of 2020 Connus and has signed up hundreds of influencers and several companies have already expressed their interest in the platform, including Tagmag, Belgium's largest youth platform, which will put its shoulder under the project.

This collaboration will undoubtedly be continued...


The following team members where a part of this project:


The following great techs were used in this project.

Our Client Said


Met Connus waren we opzoek naar een partner die ons idee kon vertalen in een goedwerkende app, dit zowel op Android als IOS. Nebulae was hiervoor de juiste partij. Niet alleen ontwikkelden ze een perfect werkend platform, daarnaast gaven ze ons geregeld tips en tricks om ons product/idee nog beter te maken. Super tevreden met het resultaat!

Mathieu Verhaeghe

Co-founder @ Connus


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