Promoting transparancy

In his book Principles, entrepreneur and investor Ray Dalio promotes Radical Transparency – the concept of being completely open and truthful with employees – as a key component of his management style. He believes it inspires trust and confidence in your team and allows your organization to align its goals and activities more effectively.

Many organizations are still far less transparent environments. That means leaving employees in the dark about decisions and in the worst cases, covering up malpractice, abuse or corruption. In the US, whistleblower regulations have been in place for a long time, while the EU is now getting ready to make its own regulations and corporate requirements which will start rolling out in the near future.

Our client iFLAG decided to tackle corporate intransparency head on with a tool that enables employees to report misconduct effectively, and approached Nebulae to build their solution

Web Application

After brainstorming with our clients about what the solution should look like, we came up with a multi-tenant responsive web application that can be personalized to an organization's house style. This web application will expose a front to the organization’s employees where they choose to file a report, which can be either anonymous or named.

On the UI/UX front we elected for a wizard-like experience to keep things clean and not overwhelm the user. The wizard will adapt the flow of questions based on previous answers. As ever, we kept things as simple as possible for our end users, while maintaining rich functionality.


Each iFLAG setup will also contain a management dashboard, where a designated safe person can follow up and potentially respond to the report. Security and privacy are key in this type of application, so we’ve included a system using asymmetric encryption in our technical specifications.

Wireframing and prototyping

We’ve created a complete UX prototype of the system using our UX/UI weapons of choice, Sketch, Zeplin and Marvel. The importance of the prototype is that you can click it and see all the paths that the user can follow. It animates the design and not only helps the client better understand how the interface will work, but also helps to better present the idea to investors and the team.

Overall working with iFlag was a great experience, we are always happy to take part in such a socially significant project and are looking forward to seeing the project grow in the near future.



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Our Client Said


Together with Nebulae we created a good looking click model. Looking forward to working with you in the final development of the app!

Alexander De Jaeger

Co-founder of iFLAG


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