Discover some of our projects



Griplist started as a great idea from people working in the movie industry. Two professional grips who felt the need for a comprehensive database of gear. Since this market is so niche that this didn’t exist yet. We developed a mobile app and web dashboard for them, they already got some of the industry’s top manufacturers to sign up over 250 products.



Our client iFlag is on a mission to provide employees with an internal reporting channel that ensures that misconduct rises to the surface more easily. It is designed to inspire more confidence in your team, while also mitigating operational risks for your company.


BelAir: Checking Air Quality

On BelAir we worked together with different teams to create an is an app to check the Air Quality in different area's. The data is provided by the Belgian Interregional Environment Agency who are closely monitoring the country's air quality through a vast network of sensors.


Connus: connecting business and influencers

Connus is a professional online influencer marketing platform, which through an intuitive swipe mechanism offers both entrepreneurs and influencers the opportunity to manage their own influencer marketing.


WePlog: supporting healthy lifestyle and ecology

Plogging is a new trend coming from the Scandies that combines the need for a better environment with a healthy and active lifestyle. To boost the movement, we developed a Geographic Information System (GIS) with a mobile app to help Ploggers collaborate effectively.


Gloow: organise your thoughts

Nebulae is also developing in-house software products. We want to help people organise their thoughts, ideas and information in a more effective way. That's why we built Gloow. A tool for organising and visualising your information using knowledge graphs.


Bayard Europe

For Bayard Europe we developed a utility application to help their customers keep track of salt renewals and help with resupplying. Thereby increasing customer satisfaction and boosting sales.


Admin2win Mobile

Admin2Win mobile is a mobile application tailor made to assist construction businesses in Belgium. Key features include file management, time registration and CRM.