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How to Monetize Your App: 6 Strategies

5 Mar 2021

How do apps make money? In this article, we’ll look at how to monetize your app with 6 tried and tested strategies.

Max Hains

Experience with Our First Flutter Project

01 Sep 2020

For one of our recent projects we needed to build a mobile application. We've done quite a few of those in React Native and Ionic, but the team felt it was time for a new challenge. We had heard great things about Google's Flutter technology and decided to give it a shot. In this blogpost, we'll present our team's experiences with Flutter and how it compares to React Native.

Robby Prima Suherlan
Ega Kamaludin

Mobile App Development Best Practices

17 Feb 2021

Mobile apps are central to business strategy. Building a good app can be the difference between success and failure. Entrepreneurs and business leaders need to be aware of mobile app development best practices in 2021.

Max Hains