Business Case

Our customer is a software business that serves a large number of construction businesses in Belgium. They are offering a Windows based software suite for stock management, administration, CRM, timetracking and project management. In order to better service their clients they wanted to offer a mobile app experience so their users could also access their data from both Android and iOS devices.

Key features for this app include document management, so users can add files to their systems from anywhere, a time registration system, so people working on construction sites can register time worked on each project or client, and finaly a CRM for sales people to check information about the customers they are visiting.


Our client specificaly asked for a design and UX that was very easy to use, with limited functionality and configuration. The app was to be a field solution and as little time as possible should be spent navigating the application. That's why we created a minimal design based on the ionic component library.

Clean, simple, effective.


Technical challenges

Their software exposes a webservice based on the SOAP protocol, so we have means of communication with their their software. One of the challenges in this project was that they are using an on premise solution, so each user group has their own local webserver. We wanted the mobile app to have a centralised cloud backend, so we introduced a dynamic routing system that connects to the correct webserver.

In case connection to an on-premise webserver is not possible at a certain time, we store any data changes made on the mobile app on our server, and have introduced a synchronisation system that will send the updates to the client's webserver at a later time.



We had a great time developing this application that is now been rolled out to their clients across the country. We hope to have helped users by adding a great mobile experience to their day-to-day software!


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